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Volvo Expands Connected Services Including In-Car Delivery

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Volvo, like every other manufacturer out there, is making their lineup more and more connected to the digital world around them. As this turns from being more of a trend and into a simple fact of vehicular life, it seems that car makers, and in this case Volvo in particular, are turning into software makers as well.
One of my brothers is a computer engineer. He’s a hardware jock. He’s a deep dive kind of guy with multiple advanced degrees from very prestigious engineering colleges.
If it’s a computer that can withstand an electromagnetic pulse that could knock down a space shuttle or a machine the NSA would purchase by the train car load, that’s his style. Years ago I swung by his office in Boston, and I noticed he had a bookcase that was overflowing. “You need a bigger bookcase,” I observed adroitly.
With a wry look of resignation on his face he smirked and said, “yeah, ever since that Gates guy, everybody’s a software engineer now, even us hardware jocks.”
Fries With That"
His point was this: With computers of all sizes becoming ubiquitous throughout our daily lives, and hardware more or less stable in design and configuration, hardware is not the issue, software is and will be the prevalent issue in the future. Whether you realize it or not, you can see this all the time. From on high come the invisible edicts. From places like Cupertino and Redmond comes a ...
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