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Escort Max 360 Laser & Radar Detector Review

There are many options for a laser/radar detector. Some are very basic and inexpensive, while others are loaded with features and priced accordingly. We took a look at some of the initial features of the Escort Max 360 but now, expand into a full review. The data on the Escort Max 360 looked good and we were impressed by some of the promised capabilities of the product.
The main competitor for the Escort Max 360 is the Valentine One laser/radar detector. To see how these two devices perform, I borrowed my friend’s Valentine One to test its features.
Valentine One Top Features
The Escort Max 360 and Valentine One offer similar features but here are some that distinguish Valentine One from its competitors.

Die-cast Magnesium case construction
Two antennas, one facing front, the other facing backwards. Red arrows indicate ahead, beside, and behind.
Illuminated digital display indicates the signal strength of the radar/laser.
The windshield mount can be adjusted by 1 finger and has 15 adjustable positions.
The windshield mount releases by 1 finger by pressing the release bar.

When you purchase a Valentine One, you get the windshield mount, visor mount, lighter adapter, coiled and straight power cord, spare suction cups, direct wire power adapter, wiring harness connector, owner’s manual, and spare fuse.

When purchased directly from the factory, the Valentine One and its accessories costs $399.00 as of this writing. When compared to the Escort Max 360, the...
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