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4 Consumer Trends Shaping The Auto Industry’s Future

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In recent years, we?ve seen dramatic transformations in a variety of industries; changes triggered by developments in emerging markets, technological innovations, and a shift in consumer preferences. One of the industries affected most is automotive.
For some, that comes as no surprise. The conveniences and access to information consumers are enjoying in other areas of their lives, they?re also demanding from automakers. From flexible ownership, to automation, to transparency in manufacturing practices, consumer trends are driving changes in the automotive industry.
But how will these demands impact automakers in 2017 and beyond"
Ridesharing Services
Many of today?s consumers are treating mobility in the strictest sense of the word – they just want to get from one place to another however they can, whenever they need to. With car ownership no longer being the status symbol it once was, ridesharing is on the rise. Companies like Uber and Zipcar allow consumers to select a vehicle appropriate for their needs at that particular time. Consumers are choosing on-demand mobility options like these over ownership because of the flexibility and potential savings they provide. In 2016, Zipcar conducted a nationwide study of 1,200 city-dwellers to gauge their attitudes and behaviors regarding work, money, lifestyle, technology, transportation, and urban citizenship.
“As a truly urban brand, it?s important for us...
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