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2017 Honda Clarity Electric Arrives, Bites Into Competition

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You want something green and electric but don’t have Tesla Model S or Model X levels of cash to spend. Well, your answer might just have arrived, and I mean literally arrived at your local Honda dealership. At least if that dealership is in California or Oregon.
In a lot of ways, the problem with Tesla’s products isn’t range or battery depletion, it’s cost. Amazing and livable as the Model S and X are, they are expensive. Very expensive. Like, new Porsche expensive.
And, if you’re a serious gearhead like us here at One Automoblog Towers, would you rather buy a Tesla, with all that lovely torque at zero rpm, or would you rather buy a new Porsche" Yeah, us too. Name Recognition
But move down-market a tad and things could become much more palatable to consumers. This is, of course, what Tesla is trying to do with its Model 3 (just hitting customers as we speak). And this is exactly the spot, more or less, where the Honda Clarity Electric fits. The Clarity Electric, however, has the built-in virtue of being a Honda, a known entity with Dealerships spread far and wide across this continent, unlike Tesla, which sorely lacks representation in big chunks of America. Did you know Honda has a dealership in Fairbanks, Alaska" They do. Do you know where you can talk to a Tesla dealer in Alaska" You can’t. There are no Tesla dealers in Alaska.
So what is this" What, pray tell,...
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