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How to Negotiate Your Next New-Car Lease Like a Pro

Car salespeople will tell you that most people who end up leasing a new vehicle don?t walk through the door thinking of themselves as lease customers. Rather, like proposals on New Year?s Eve, leasing often just kind of happens, and the person has to live with the consequences of a spontaneous decision. The information here is intended to help you make good decisions as you negotiate a lease, so you can live happily ever after with your new vehicle.
We’ll avoid debating the overall desirability of leasing versus buying in this article, instead assuming that a two- or three-year lease term is a given and focusing on getting on a lease that is as financially advantageous as it can be.
Indeed, a rational, step-by-step approach to vehicle leasing is fairly rare in the typical dealership, but talking with veteran car dealers proved that it’s even rarer than we thought. ?I don?t think I?ve ever seen such a thing in a dealership,? said Donald Fuller, a former car salesperson who has provided sales training to thousands of new-car dealerships. ?I?ve seen a customer and a sales manager roll dice to settle a deal, but I?ve never seen a lease customer make a step-by-step effort to negotiate a lease.? With that in mind, here are the steps you should follow to get the best deal on a lease.
Find and Examine a Deal
First, you should determine if there is a special lease offer on the vehicle you want. This shouldn’t take CSI-style detective work, because car manufacturer...
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