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Saddle Up Your Ford Mustang With The Perfect Pirelli Tires

It?s hard to think of a car in post-WWII America that?s more iconic and more influential than the Ford Mustang. Ever since it was introduced in 1965 (technically 1964 ˝), the Mustang has been the kind of car that even people who don?t care about cars can identify just by its silhouette. With its short wheelbase, long hood, 2+2 seating, short trunk and a lot of engine, the ?Stang singlehandedly defined the pony car segment, leaving Chrysler and GM to play catch-up and come up with their own versions. 

First Generation

Considering how bland the automotive market of the early 60s was, the Mustang was nothing short of revolutionary at the time of its introduction. Ford?s projections for first-year sales of the Mustang were 100,000 units; by the end of that first year, the automaker had sold well upwards of 400,000 Mustangs, with a sizable waiting list of customers. With a wide list of options, you could make your first-gen Mustang as plain-jane or comfortable (or as sedate or fast) as you wanted. Never mind that the Mustang?s stodgy Fairlane and Falcon underpinnings gave it fairly sloppy handling, it was the car to have in the mid 60s. 
On the other hand, a great way to tighten up that handling is as easy as putting on a new pair of shoes.

Pirelli Tires for your First-Generation Mustang 

If you?ve got a first-gen Mustang with the popular Handling Package, your tire size would be 195/60R15. A quick look at top Pirelli tires for your Mustang tur...
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