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Morgan is Ending 3 Wheeler Production With a Limited Edition Model

It’s sad to say, but the Morgan 3 Wheeler’s production will cease in 2021. The Morgan Motor Company is saying farewell to the beloved model with the new P101 edition. The name given to this limited edition model stands for Project 101 which was actually the name given when the revival of the 3 Wheeler occurred back in 2011. Each P101 will be available in either a Deep Black or Satin White paint finish. Furthermore, customers can also choose from four different P101 art packs. Here how Morgan explains each on in their press release:

“The Belly Tank? Referencing liveries found on belly tank racers and ?lakesters? that were inspirations for the 3 Wheeler initially, The Belly Tank graphic pack features a distressed effect in the vinyl.The Dazzleship (vehicle shown in photography/video)? The Dazzleship is the boldest of the art packs. Its striking black and white design is inspired by the graphic camouflage of period military vehicles.The Aviator? Evoking a sense of aviation spirit, The Aviator graphic pack is an extension of similarly themed graphics currently offered on the 3 Wheeler. This art pack is inspired by nose art found on RAF planes in WWII.The Race Car? Three wheeled Morgan vehicles were competing in motorsport almost as soon as the first example was created. The Race Car graphic pack features stripes and roundels, paying homage to the liveries that adorned early Morgan race cars.”
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