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EveryDrive Carry: Off The Grid With The Ford Raptor

The things that everyone grabs when heading out the door are classified as essentials because they are tools needed to get through the day, whether it is a day at work or an off-road adventure. The EveryDrive Carry highlights the essential products and accessories to keep in your vehicle, depending on the situation and road conditions. This week, we are focusing on pairing the Ford Raptor with the essentials needed for going off the grid. Click the links below to shop any of the products featured in the special.


2020 Ford F-150 Raptor

MSRP $53,455

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Dissim Inverted Lighter


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Enter the Inverted Lighter. Specifically designed to be flipped upside down, the combo of a circular grip and angled flame port direct the fire at the wick of your candle or the tinder in your campfire with your fingers safely out of the way.

Papier Custom Pine Green Notes Journal


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The Papier Pine Green Notes cover is crafted from beautiful, upcycled leather with traditionally pressed foil details in a choice of colours. Inside, find 96 pages of lined paper to jot special plans, daily thoughts or notes and ideas.

Blade HQ

Boker Plus Tactical Pen CID .45 CAL Bolt Action


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This tactical self defense pen from Boker Plus is an ingenious design by Rainer Wenning and knifemaker Thomas Braunagel. It features a “b...
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